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Medlink changed my life!
I really enjoyed my time at Medlink and found it helped me a lot in the decision making process.
Just got back from Medlink and I have to say I feel AWESOME!!  The information I got was unsurpassed and everyone was so friendly.
Medlink showed me how to produce a brilliant application.
I met so many new people who are passionate about becoming a doctor and everyone was so helpful.
I would like to say thank you very much for Medlink this year. It has been very helpful and inspiring and it also helped me to realise that Medicine is definitely what I wish to do with my career in the future.

Conference plan of how Medlink will help you

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The Medlink Conference

Unlock Admissions Secrets

Are There Really Admission Secrets?

Yes! To unlock these secrets the key is to understand:
  • What you need to know (first two items below).
  • What you need to do (the remaining items)


The medical schools are evolving, changing their requirements and admission policies. This can involve how they view UKCAT scores or a move from traditional to MMI. Don’t rely on forums with dated information and advice that will lead to failure. Think like Darwin act on the evolving nature of admissions and stay current to succeed. We will show you how.


Every medical school is different, absolutely unique. The key to success is to identify your strengths and weaknesses then find medical schools that match your skill set. This is why at the Medlink Convention we encourage a form of speed dating with the medical schools present so that you get a match. We also offer our amazing free resource of Medfaxx (coming soon) to help you.


You need information that is not on the internet and be able to sort internet myths from reality. Have what others have plus the inside track. E.g. what questions are likely to be asked at interview this year? Your own medical student(s) can keep you informed so make contact with some. If you cannot get your own we will do it for you!


Don’t be sad! Sitting in your bedroom looking at a computer screen will not take you to a successful application, it is a good starting point but a terrible finishing point. Go out, attend open days, talk to people, make contacts. Medlink is the largest event in the world, attended by thousands, meeting interacting with others is the most valuable part. Do what others are doing because success requires motion.


Most med schools do some form of interview. They look for passion, commitment to medicine and a person with the skills to communicate to patients. So prepare now! Talk to others interested in medicine, engage with them share your passion and learn from theirs. Medicine is about face to face communication not text or email. Practise and engage with others as a route to a successful interview.


Others are getting private tuition. Do the same! Don’t struggle or flounder take action to raise your grades. Go to the forum, offer your own tips for success and learn from the ideas of others. Visit the Surf blog for great revision tips. Medlink offers the Chemistry A Star option, look it over and see if it is for you. But whatever you do – do something and take additional action to raise your grades.


Sure medicine is competitive but you can beat the competition by standing out from the crowd. Write a blog describing what you have done, thought and read using Medlink’s free blogging tools. Louise describes how it helped her win a place to Cambridge med school – look here. Do your own original research and have it published (much like a book) Medlink will help & publish view these past efforts.


UK health trusts offer shadowing placements. Medlink will post a list in the coming months with: contact details, dates, availability user reviews etc.  We can obtain overseas work for you in Romania via a Medlink sponsored charity, details coming soon. Work experience is essential please just do it.


Via UCAS Medlink contacted those not offered a place (some 4000). They were given questionnaires, submitted their personal statements for analysis and provided feedback from the medical schools. We also met several hundred in person. The result was the Medlink Report showing what went wrong and how to avoid the mistakes – coming soon.

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Win Your Place


83,000 applications for 7,000 places at Medical School. These figures are corrected and are often quoted around the internet. BUT the information is misleading. There are four applications per person so if we divide the 83,000 by 4 we find that there are 20,00 applicants for 7,000 places. You really only have to beat a few other people! Medlink will make sure you have the correct facts.


The Medlink Report looked at winners and losers for places. Winners had a clear story of why medicine. They were able to make their application personal, standing out from the bland crowd. Start now, find your voice, ask yourself ‘what inspired me to become a doctor?’, start asking now and when the time comes you will have your voice. Expect thousands of tweets from Medlink 2013 on this!


Walk into your interview, like a doctor not a year 13 student! Medicine is a foreign language, start learning it now. Write a blog about changes in medicine, meet new people describe yourself as a future doctor. Do not hope for the medical school to dig out your inner future doctor – show it to them! Check out the book Surf to see how.


None! Ten grade A A-levels all with stars, able to read in Latin at the age of two etc.! Yes the above is an excellent route to medical school, but not the only route. We will share success stories of those who retook A-levels, who were rejected. They went onto become doctors, their story can be your story don’t give up trying.


You cannot do this on your own! You need a support team. Around 5000 attend Medlink and we track them. Those who enlist help and support of parents, teachers, medical students and people from around the UK are most likely to succeed. We promise to help you put your team together and show you how to make it work for you.


I will be a Doctor


Make a difference and save a life. Using the Instagram smart phone app snap a portable defibrillator (in shops, gyms, airports, bus stations etc). Upload the photo (app will pin the photo to a map), use the hashtag #heartsave. Register with the program, add value to your CV. Think how else can I make a difference– standout to the medical schools.

Click the image below to become a part of #Heartsave

The Medlink Exhibition and Conference

The East Midlands Conference Centre





Meet UK Medical Schools

The Medlink Exhibition offers a single day in which students and parents may meet and talk with most of the UK medical schools. This is a truly unique opportunity and should not be missed by anyone seriously considering an application to medical school. Students and parents will be able to put their questions and concerns directly to admissions tutors and medical students at each medical school in turn, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Coupled with the chance to explore future career paths with representatives from many of the Royal Colleges, this is a truly outstanding opportunity.

Meet Overseas Medical Schools

Most of the UK Medical Schools attend or have previously attended our Exhibition. We also have Medical Schools from Europe and worldwide who attend. We also have representatives from many of the Royal Colleges, Armed Forces and other Institutions.Whilst most students will read medicine in the UK, for some there may be a preference to study abroad or a necessity if they are unable to win a place at a UK medical school. For this reason we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for students and parents to meet with representatives from foreign medical schools who teach in English and who welcome UK students to their medical schools.

Meet UK Universities

NEW THIS YEAR. As well as many of the UK Medical Schools we also welcome many other universities from the UK. Whilst most students attending will hope to read medicine in the UK, for some there may be a preference or choice to study other medical or science courses if they are unable to win a place at a UK medical school. For this reason we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for students and parents to meet with representatives from many of the UK universities biomedical and science faculties.

Attend Free Seminars

Additionally the Medlink Exhibition offers a range of free seminars open to students and parents. Amongst the seminars will be:
  • Financing medical school
  • What you should know about medical school – The medical students’ perspective.
  • Reading medicine abroad – The opportunities.
  • ‘Parents’ guide to assisting sons and daughters in winning & keeping a place at medical school

The Parent Sessions

The East Midlands Conference Centre





Get help for your Son or Daughter

Medlink is delighted to offer the parents and guardians of young people attending the conference the superb opportunity to participate in a range of informative and highly praised seminars, designed to offer support and guidance to the parents of future medical students. These talks are free, with the exception of the Oxbridge session, and open to all parents and guardians attending the Medlink Convention. Attendance at these sessions is strongly recommended so that you learn as much as possible about the different ways you can help your son or daughter. No reservations of places may be made and seats will be filled on a first to arrive basis.

Sample Programme

THE ADMISSIONS TUTOR’S PERSPECTIVE  An experienced admissions tutor offers insights into what the medical schools look for in their candidates and what your son or daughter should know.

FINANCES & STUDENT SUPPORT A range of financial and support packages are available for the student doctor, learn about them here and prepare now for your son/daughter’s future in medicine.

ASSIST YOUR SON/DAUGHTER TO WIN & KEEP A PLACE AT MEDICAL SCHOOL  Discover the practical steps that you can take as a parent or guardian to ensure that your son/daughter obtains and keeps their place at Medical School.

Student Finances

NEW THIS YEAR. As well as many of the UK Medical Schools we also welcome many other universities from the UK.Whilst most students attending will hope to read medicine in the UK, for some there may be a preference or choice to study other medical or science courses if they are unable to win a place at a UK medical school. For this reason we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for students and parents to meet with representatives from many of the UK universities biomedical and science faculties. CLICK image to download Student Finances presentation.

Map of the Campus

For your convenience the talks will take place on Tuesday 17th December 2013 at the East Midlands Conference Centre.This is the same building in which the Medlink Exhibition will be held, so parents will be able to move between talks and the Exhibition at their leisure. Although the final details have yet to be confirmed, for your convenience we have placed above a sample from last years programme. On your arrival at the EMCC the final room listings and guides will be clearly posted and members of staff will be in attendance to assist. CLICK HERE to download a Campus Map.

A typical Medlink Campus conference programme

Medlink Campus – December 15th – 17th 2014

What to expect from your conference if you book the Medlink Campus 3 Day Core programme, plus the 4 optional sessions and the 2 optional days.
WELCOME TO YOUR MEDLINK! Breakfast in your Hall Breakfast in your Hall Breakfast in your Hall Breakfast in your Hall
Registration in your Hall of Residence The Autopsy Stethoscope Practice Medlink Exhibition Your ‘A’ Grade
Meet with other Medlink Students  The Forensic Pathologist Eye Clinic        Patient Rounds Independent Study Tutors Fair Choosing your Medical School
Opportunity to view the campus OPTIONAL – Your Chemistry A* Grade Live Surgery Keynote Address Different Teaching Systems
Medlink 3-5 day timetable  Introduction to Medlink Casualty Alert Practical Medlink Farewell Work Experience
Brunch Medical School Admissions Interview Workshop Traditional Interview OPTIONAL – The Oxbridge Session Lunch and Depart
Biopsy Live Admissions Interview Interview Workshop The MMIs The Next Step Introduction MEDLINK 365 Support Starts Now!
Haematology  Careers in Surgery Interviews Debrief Student Forum Phone, Email or Support FAQ.
Pathology Project 1 Dinner in your Hall Dinner in your Hall Dinner in your Hall Pathology Project: Publish research
Pathology Project 2 General Practice Opportunities Abroad UKCAT Introduction Medlink Forum: Med School Q & A
Dinner in your Hall Clinical Preparation Paediatrics UKCAT Sample Test Medlink Internship: Develop yourself
Pathology Careers Pre-Hospital Care Life as a Junior Doctor Medical School Critical Skills The Loop – The inside track info
Microbiology & Terrorism OPTIONAL – The Charity Lecture OPTIONAL – The EDGE Session Smart Tools for Medical Students Medlink Newsletter
Campus Entertainment Campus Entertainment Campus Entertainment Campus Entertainment
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Here you will find support materials to help you with your onward application to medical school:

Presentation given by Durham Medical School on admissions: ADMISSIONS – CLICK HERE

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