Medlink Nottingham

All the information and support you will need in a single location.

We Are Your Team

Reaching medical school is a journey and Medlink will support you every step of the way there.

Free Events

Medlink offers a range of free and premium options to attend.

Something For Everyone

Our events can be attended by students, parents and teachers, providing full support for all.

Our Partners

Partners range from medical schools to the support services you need.

More Support For You

We will ensure support for you from the very best academic and educational partners.

Make the Medlink Team YOUR Team!

The Medlink Team is connected to a web of professionals based in medical schools across the UK and around the world, so please do not hesitate to contact us for support and advice. We have helped tens of thousands of students reach medical school and we can help you.

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Charity Projects

Take Part!

Charity Projects

Want to take part in any of our charity or outreach projects? Fill out the form and send us a message!

Research Projects

Got an idea?

Research Projects

Great medical research idea? Get in touch about mentorship or a place on one of our projects!

Medlink Exhibition

Want to be part of it?

Medlink Exhibition

Want to be part of the Medlink Exhibition, as an exhibitor or anything else? Get in touch!