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9 hours ago
Will allergy-free peanut be a reality soon?

Could an allergy free peanut be a real thing?

A company says it's about two years away from offering peanuts in which 98 percent of the allergens have been deactivated.

11 hours ago
This Single Test Could Identify Every Virus That's ...

The body never forgets a virus.

Blood tests are no fun. Luckily, a group of researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, along with others, have come up with ...

16 hours ago
Pollution nanoparticles may enter your blood and cause disease

Nanoparticles in the air that are getting into peoples blood streams could be causing heart attacks and ... See more

A study of airborne nanoparticles – which are nearly impossible to measure in our air - may explain why pollution is linked to heart attacks and strokes

21 hours ago
This combo may trigger memory loss in Alzheimer's - Futurity

Could this be the answer to what causes memory loss in Alzheimer's patients?

On their own, amyloids don't seem to explain the memory and learning declines linked to Alzheimer’s disease. New research suggests a second factor.

1 day ago
AI drug discovery bot can screen one million new compounds each day

AI could tailor drugs new drugs faster than humans.

AtomNet is an artificial intelligence system designed to help cure major diseases by inventing new drugs to fight them.

1 day ago
Hungry stomach hormone promotes growth of new brain cells

The hormone responsible for hunger can promote brain cell production.

Some people say that fasting makes them feel mentally sharper. The hunger hormone ghrelin may be why – and it may protect against Parkinson’s disease

1 day ago

The artificial womb has just successfully gone through animal trials.

1 day ago
The next medical innovations that could save children

These medical innovations could save the lives of many children.

What medical advancements could save the lives of our children in the future and are we spending enough on research to find them?

2 days ago
Brain hemorrhage: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

Why do brain haemorrhages happen and how do we treat them?

A brain hemorrhage is bleeding in the brain. It is life-threatening medical condition, and it is essential to receive medical treatment right away.

2 days ago
Hypnosis may still be veiled in mystery – but we are starting to uncover its scientific basis

Could we be closer to finding the scientific basis for hypnosis?

Some argue that hypnosis is just a trick. Others, however, see it as bordering on the paranormal – mysteriously transforming people into mindless robots. N ...

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