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6 hours ago
Homeopathic products should not be sold in pharmacies – review

Should homeopathic treatments be sold alongside pharmaceutical ones?

Items place consumers at ‘unacceptable risk’, independent examination of regulation for the health department finds

11 hours ago
New test can diagnose mysterious infections

This test can find almost any neurological infection.

By analyzing DNA and RNA in fluid surrounding the brain, researchers can diagnose difficult cases.

23 hours ago
Tick saliva 'gold mine' blocks killer heart condition - BBC News

Could tick saliva be used to treat the heart condition responsible for sudden death?

Oxford scientists are excited by the prospect of making a drug from a bug.

1 day ago
How Baking Soda Could Help Fight Deadly Superbugs

Could baking soda help with research into treating deadly superbugs?

Scientists are racing to find better tests for drug-resistant microbes that may eventually kill more people than cancer.

1 day ago
A single tick bite could put you at risk for at least 6 different diseases

Tic bites can result in diseases besides lyme disease.

The deer tick, which as far as we know carries more illnesses than any other tick, "has been expanding its range enormously in the last 30 years.

1 day ago
Smartphones Open a New World for Medical Researchers

Smart phones are opening up a whole new world to medical researchers.

Doctors say abundant health data gathered by phones produces better, more timely studies.

1 day ago
Living near noisy roads could make it harder to get pregnant

Living near a noisy road could make becoming pregnant harder.

Women who live near noisy roads are more likely to take 6 to 12 months to get pregnant, even when factors like poverty and pollution are taken into account

2 days ago
Researchers Find Mould Toxins Can Easily Become Airborne Indoors

Toxic mould could become more easily airborne inside.

As if a sensitivity to their spores wasn't enough of a problem for some people, new research has found the toxins produced by mould sprouting in the damp corners of your house can also become ... See more

2 days ago
UK's first heart pump targets 2018 clinical trial - BBC News

The UK's first heart pump is set for clinical trial next year.

Clinical trials are due to begin in late 2018 with the aim of a full rollout two years later.

2 days ago
New Discovery Could Allow Us to Edit Memories to Make Them Less Traumatic

A new discovery in how types of memories are stored could mean huge things for PTSD treatment.

Researchers have recently discovered two different types of memory use completely different processes in the same nerves, opening the way for a new pharmaceutical solution for treating anxiety and ... See more

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