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Course Highlights

  • Practical experience and exposure to the MMI
  • Detailed explanation and analysis of full sets of actual MMI stations
  • Focused masterclasses for all the key MMI skills
  • Advice and exercises to continue your preparation beyond the course
  • Onstage ideal example MMI with commentary
  • Free deluxe stethoscope
  • Lifetime advice and support outside of the course, for FREE
  • Multiple course dates to suit you
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What are Multiple Mini Interviews?

Here we will explain what this type of interview is, why it has become more popular with medical schools and how it differs from the traditional interview process.

In-Depth Case Studies

mmi case studies 300x300 - MMI ProgrammeDuring these sessions, we will talk you through actual MMI stations and questions used by top Universities in previous years.

This will give you a very clear idea of exactly the type of thing you can expect when you go for your own MMI and therefore prepare you better for it.

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Public Speaking and Acting Masterclasses

mmi public speaking 300x298 - MMI ProgrammeFor any kind of interview public speaking skills are an incredibly valuable asset and we will prepare you for this during this session.

During your MMI you are almost guaranteed to take part in some sort of role play; potentially demonstrating how you would give bad news or how you would react to a bizarre situation. Preparing yourself with training in acting can give you an edge at these stations on the big day.

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Ethics Masterclass

mmi ethics 300x296 - MMI ProgrammeEthical issues are always prevalent in the field of medicine and as such you will almost certainly be posed an ethical query during your interview.

During this masterclass we will talk you through some of the most pressing ethical issues in medicine and show you how to make a considered response to a question put to you.

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MMI Dissection

mmi dissection 300x298 - MMI ProgrammeIn this session we will dissect and analyse a live mock MMI taking place, giving you the chance to observe an interview taking place as well as real-time critical analysis.

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MMI Practical Sessions

mmi practical 300x298 - MMI ProgrammeNow it’s time to put all you’ve learnt over the day into practice. During these sessions, we will get you to try your hand at various MMI stations yourself. One of the best ways to prepare for the MMI is to practise and here you will get that opportunity!

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Extra Preparations

mmi extra prep 297x300 - MMI ProgrammeFinal hints and tips to prepare you for your interviews. This session will teach you MMI meta-skills and give you tools and exercises to carry on your preparation beyond the course.

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