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What is the MMI?

The MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) is a style of interview that is being used more and more by medical schools to select applicants. Unlike traditional interviews (where the candidate sits in front of a panel of interviewers and answers questions for about 30 minutes), during MMIs the candidate instead has to go through a series of mini interviews, often called “stations”. These stations include traditional style questions, such as “why do you want to be a doctor?” and “what did you learn during work experience?”, but they also include role play activities and ethical discussions meant to test a wide range of necessary skills.

The structure of MMIs will vary from university to university but broadly speaking you will be looking at 5 – 12 stations, each approximately 3 to 8 minutes long.

Why is it so challenging?

The MMI is likely to be completely different to anything you will have experienced, and for many it is quite a shock. These interviews were designed to test skills in ways that are unfamiliar and that most don’t know how to prepare for. The role play stations especially pose real difficulties for candidates as more often than not these require the applicants to improvise a scene opposite an actor based on scenario they are given only moments before.

At Medlink we know just how challenging these interviews can be and so we’ve spoken to hundreds of students about their MMI experiences so that we can offer the best information possible for future applicants.

To help you prepare for the extremely challenging MMI we not only go through full sets of past MMI questions and give you the chance to take part in a number of practical sessions to experience and practise, we go further.

During our course we break down the MMIs into the key types of station you are guaranteed to come across and focus on the skills required for these stations. By dissecting each one and giving you focused masterclasses we can ensure that you are prepared for every aspect of the interview process.

What can you expect?

  • In-depth case studies which take you through genuine sets of past MMI stations
  • Expert dissection of MMI questions: what the interviewers want and how to approach them
  • Masterclasses on key skills required for the MMI, including:
    • Acting
    • Ethics
    • Calculations
    • Communication
  • Full MMI practicals
  • A run down of popular questions and how to answer them
  • Live examples of good and bad interview responses
  • MMI meta-skills and extra preparation advice

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