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Held At The University Of Nottingham

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image forensics - PathologyFrom DNA analysis through to the examination of trauma, the forensic pathologist has to bring to bear a wide range of knowledge and skills to answer the important questions raised by a death. Accident or intent? How did the death occur and what was the cause, who can be implicated and who eliminated from an inquiry. Knowledge can be taught and reasoning skills acquired, but at this moment how developed are your reasoning skills? With the knowledge provided can you think your way through to answers to the questions that we will provide you with?

autopsy - PathologyMost have heard of the autopsy, but few actually appreciate the range of skills that are brought to focus on analysing the cause of death. All areas of medicine require you to be observant, noticing signs and symptoms, but the ability to talk and ask the patient, central to so much of medicine, is absent, which leaves the pathologist with the task of asking and answering every question using their training and observational skills. Learn how the process works in this in-depth presentation.

image medisix - PathologyPathology is wide ranging in its scope and whilst most are aware of the activity of the pathologist in dealing with the deceased, few know of the important work that is done with the living. Taking tissue samples and analysing them is a vitally important activity in the pathology laboratories. The work that is done and the answers that are provided are critical to the diagnosis and care of patients. In this presentation you will learn of the work of pathologists and the techniques and skill required for the biopsy.

microscope - PathologyAfter you complete this course you will have acquired a genuine insight and understanding of the work of the pathologist in modern medicine. This will include the many different roles of the pathologists through to the skills and techniques both clinical and cognitive used in this exciting branch of medicine. In addition it is an aim of this course to provide you with practical experience of using and applying the reasoning skills learnt on this course. Medicine is not for spectators which is why this course is hands-on.

image contactus - PathologyThe pathology course offers you the exciting opportunity to conduct your own research and then (if of  sufficient standard) to have that research published. Your work will appear online and in book form and will be a genuine contribution to your UCAS personal statement. The pathology course will equip you with the necessary skills, which will be fully supported online. Creating your own genuine GMO (genetically modified organism), you will demonstrate your clinical and reasoning skills by showing how your GMO can be applied in the real-world. Full details of this incredible opportunity will appear here soon.