Medsim Intensive


A two day residential course to give you practical knowledge and work experience for your application to medical school.

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Medsim: Competition for places at medical school is intense, as medicine draws from society’s most committed and talented young people. To assist students in their application to read medicine, Medsim offers a rich selection of patient contact and practicals that will considerably strengthen the young person’s UCAS application. Most important, the experience of working under supervision in small groups, with real patients and equipment, has the benefit of allowing young people to experience what it is like to be a doctor, to deal with patients, to be on-call and work under pressure. For most students this confirms their commitment to medicine and they return to their studies committed to succeed at a career in medicine.

Medsim Intensive 2017 is a residential  two day event that offers a rich variety of hands-on clinical sessions designed to deepen a student’s insight into the practice of medicine. Medsim provides the nearest possible experience to actual clinical practice.