MMI Preparation Day


Join us on Saturday 11th January

To help you prepare for the extremely challenging MMI we not only go through full sets of past MMI questions and give you a number of practical sessions to experience and practise, we go further. We break down the MMIs into their key types of station and skills required and then dissect and go through each of them, delivering focused masterclasses to prepare you for every aspect of the process.

With 6 hours of practical AND focused seminars, this is the best preparation for the MMI you can get.

We Cover

– In-depth case studies going through genuine sets of past MMIs
– Masterclasses on key skills required for the MMI
– Acting masterclass for the roleplay stations
– Expert dissection of MMI questions and how to approach them
– MMI meta-skills and extra preparation advice
– Full MMI practicals



Join us on Saturday 11th January in Nottingham!