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Applying to medical school is a hard and complicated journey. There are lots of things to consider and certain steps you have to take at specific times and it can feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure what these steps are.

At our Applications Masterclass we will walk you through every step of this process, giving you the key skills you need to ace every single part of applying!

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What are the application steps?

Which Medical Schools To Apply To?

You are only allowed to apply for medicine at 4 places (unlike other degrees where you get 5 options). This means you need to make those applications count! No university selects it’s students the same way so if you don’t know how the ones you are applying to choose their candidates you could end up throwing away one of your few application slots.

Work Experience

Work experience is key to applying to medicine and every single university will want you to have some. Everyone will have different types of work experience of various lengths but in general most applicants will have similar experiences. Because of this it’s extremely important to stand out by reflecting properly on your work experience! We can show you exactly how to do this!

Personal Statements

For any degree application you will need to write a personal statement and medicine is no different. Your personal statement is your first chance to sell yourself to the university and therefore it might be one of the most important documents you write. We can give you the tools to write an excellent personal statement as well as offering everyone who comes to our course FREE analysis of their own personal statement when they come to write it.


Your GSCE and A Level grades will be key aspects of your application to medical school. You can have the best work experience in the world but if you don’t have the correct grades universities will not consider you. Here we can talk you through scientifically approved revision tips and advice that can keep nerves at bay, ensuring that you get the best grades possible on your exams.


In applying to medicine you are guaranteed to have to sit either the UCAT or the BMAT and in some cases both. These are 2 admissions tests that medical schools use to differentiate candidates and your results can mean the difference between a place at medical school or not. They are very different exams and if you are not prepared for them they can be incredibly hard.


Your final step for applications will be an interview. These can be in the form of a Traditional Interview or a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), both of which are wildly different and have their own challenges. Most applicants won’t have had much experience of interviews and so they can be very daunting if you aren’t prepared. MMIs in particular provide unique challenges that you will not have seen in Traditional Interviews and often throw candidates off their stride.

Medlink Applications Masterclass

To help you prepare for the extremely challenging process of applying to medicine we will go through all of the steps mentioned above in detail. We’ll explain every single step you will have to go through and the best ways to prepare for them, giving you an essential advantage over other applicants!

What can you expect?

  • Information on how universities select their candidates
  • How certain universities use the UCAT and BMAT
  • How to select which medical schools to apply to
  • When and how to write your personal statement
  • Revision techniques for A levels
  • Coping with stress and nerves during exam season
  • What work experience is important
  • How to talk about your work experience during your personal statement and interviews
  • What the UCAT is and when to take it
  • How to do well on the UCAT
  • What the BMAT is and when to take it
  • How to do well on the BMAT
  • How to prepare for the Traditional Interview
  • How to prepare for the MMIs
  • Extra things you can do to make your application stand out

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